We're Famous!

Picture of the CrewPhoto courtesy of Lancaster Online

As we have talked about since the show began Lancaster is home to a vibrant and growing craft beer community.  While we might currently have a monopoly on the audio format sharing the “good news” about craft beer we certainly aren’t the only ones talking about beer.  The Lancaster Newspaper has a twice monthly column called “What Ales Ya” that is co-written by a plethora of talented writers all with a unique look at craft beer in our area.  They have tackled a bunch of awesome topics in the past many of which are the same sorts of interests and concerns that we’ve covered on the site.

So it was a huge honor to have been contacted by Bernie Harris for an interview for the column.  Today both in the physical paper and online the Blind Tiger Podcast was featured in “What Ales Ya”.  We were fortunate to get a lengthy interview with Bernie where he wanted to talk about us and we wanted to talk about beer.  (When do we ever NOT want to talk about beer.)

Check out the article and leave a comment about your love of local craft beer, podcasting, or maybe just the three of us.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving we are deeply thankful for the Fridge, Bernie Harris, Lancaster Newspaper, and of course you dear reader/listener for making this all possible.