Want To Know the Future of Beer? Look Into My Crystal Ball.

Ok, it may not be my crystal ball, but it is a craft beer trend predictor created by none other then Satoshi Nakamoto. Who the hell is that? Well, he’s the man (or myth) behind everyone’s favorite volatile currency, bitcoin. Apparently Nakamoto is a craft beer fan, and along with many other things, has been trying to use algorithms to predict future trends, including beer.

At least that is what this article alleges. Like the author, I’m not entirely sure whether this is spoof, con, or something in between, but if nothing, it’s good for a gas. Click on the button to have a new trend pop-up and it honestly doesn’t sound too far off from what your nearby boutique brewery is always posting on their chalkboard. Rosehips in an Imperial Stout you say? Well I guess opposites attract.

Source: Beer Syndicate Blog