Vote for Best Brewery in America!

A plethora of taps

There is only one impossibly difficult answer that plagues the enthusiast of any topic; what is the best representative of that interest. Who is the greatest artist in the world? Which is the best car ever crafted? Who is the strongest man in the world? The fastest, the best looking, or the richest? Once there is interest in a topic there is only the pursuit of being the best.

In the world of craft brewing there are a number of these exceedingly difficult questions to answer. What is the best IPA, what is the best balanced beer, what is the best beer, and what is the best brewery?

The website is hosting a survey called “What’s the Greatest Brewery in America?” where they are asking those of us with a passion and enthusiasm for beer to vote for what we think is the greatest brewery in America. This is of course no simple task as there are nearly innumerable factors to consider when answering this question. Is it a matter of which brewery creates the single greatest beer the craft beer world has to offer? Is it a matter of producing only impressive quality beers regardless of style or difficulty? Is it an ability to win award and award for an impressive array of beers? Or it is a reputation for pushing the experimental envelope and encouraging the world of craft brewing even farther forward?

Or is it a matter of just wanting to vote for the brewery near your dwelling in a dutiful sense of hometown pride?

While we members of the Blind Tiger Podcast will be weighing our vote with an overabundance of intellectual solemnity we urge you to consider your vote with the proper levity an Internet poll deserves.

So cast your vote for your favorite brewery as we are all curious to see what the Internet mob has to say is the greatest brewery in America!