VEDEO REVUEZE: How to Make a Goozie Guezue in 47 Seconds

arrogantWhen we started the Blind Tiger Podcast our mission was to ideally help those new to the craft beer world.  Mike and I, having some experience with craft beer, brought Jesse on board to be the novice to work with our intermediate knowledge.

We would like to think of ourselves as craft beer enthusiasts and not beer snobs.  Taking a cue for the late, great Michael Jackson we want to share the world of better beer with people not shame them for drinking what they like.  While we might show up with a bomber bottle of some new, rare beer at a party we aren’t going to decry the copious amounts of Corona, Bud Light, or Pabst Blue Ribbon anyone else might be drinking.

Yet much like one of the defining characteristics of being hipster is to accuse others of being hipsters perhaps a defining characteristic of being pretentious is accusing others of being pretentious.  While Mike and I may be opinionated about beer I would like to think we aren’t the pretentious beer snob.  Yet I know we have been known on occasion to mock the ridiculously erudite descriptions of beer aroma and flavor such as “unripened dragon fruit” or a “melange of resplendent spices and citrus aroma.”

It is important to make a moment to reflect on the lack of serious of an endeavor such as attempting to promote craft beer over the mainstream options.  We shouldn’t be afraid to mock ourselves and realize the mission is not an objective good but a personal choice.  A relative good in a world of grays.

I stumbled upon this video a few months ago when Trinity Brewing was releasing their Verte Guezue and I couldn’t help but laugh at its ridiculousness.  I think it is great at both lambasting Trinity Brewing for attempting to declare their seven day sour be considered on the same level as a three year old guezue while at the same time mocking the pretentious beer snob (like myself) for being so defensive of this rare, difficult to produce, and ultimately expensive style.

It is a great reminder that regardless of personal opinion and ambition that we must not take ourselves too seriously.  After all we can all make a guezue in our kitchens in 47 seconds.  What else could we possibly want from life.