Trade in Your Beer Pong Table This Winter for "Alcohockey"

Beer pong is devilishly simple, chaotically competitive, and like all drinking activities, gets the job done. But wouldn’t we all like something a little different, especially when you line up a shot and your shaking hand comes not from inebriation but the fact that the frat basement is unheated? Coming out of Canada (where else?) is a new version made out of a converted air hockey table with five solo cup-size holes standing in for the net. Not only does this offer a much more frantic pace (and hopefully for those down on the wait list, shorter games) but what beer pong is in dire need of, sanitation. No more ping-pong balls getting stuck behind shelves of old paint and holiday decorations only to be found (if at all) looking like something the cat coughed up.

The game was posted as a picture on the website imgur, with the hilarious description of “Alcohockey” by inventor Nate Wawrzonek as “Canadian variation of beer pong. I am inventor of this. I am drunk. I am Canadian.”

That’s all you need to know.

Source: Mashable