Time = Money = Beer

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On the podcast several weeks ago, we talked about a graph that was posted by Quartz.com that detailed the various prices of beer in Asia. If you weren’t necessarily interested in the beeronomics of just the far east, how about the world? Quartz.com has posted a new graphic that depicts how much labor one would have to exert for one beer, if you made only minimum wage. For instance, one does pretty good in the good ol’ USA by needing to only work .4 hours or 24 minutes for a beer.

Quartz.com made the chart by combining the resources of two databases. The first is the crowd-sourced Numbeo, which keeps tabs on average cost of goods by country, including obviously beer. The second comes from the International Labor Organization which lists the minimum wage for each country. Put one and one together and you can see how long you would have to slog it out at your individual countries McDonalds to put back a cold one at the end of the day.

The two countries at the top of the list stand out, needing double the hours of work than that of the third country. In Georgia, one would have to work 15.1 hours, or basically a double shift for one measly beer. Bangladesh follows close behind at 13.4 hours. After a day that long, you would most likely be far too tired to enjoy your one beer. At the opposite end of the list is Puerto Rico, where one would only have to work 12 minutes, or one long smoke break, to get their beer. Since Puerto Rico is under the Federal minimum wage, that means cheaper beer! If you were wondering what exactly constitutes a “beer”, we aren’t talking Chimay. In the US, .4 hours of $7.25 minimum wage is $2.90, or a Miller Lite somewhere between happy hour special and not.

If you want to see more of the breakdown of countries, click the link below.

Source: Quartz.com