The Social Drinkers Glass

Since it seems that ridiculous yet oddly ingenious inventions for the world of beer keep coming out I have to add my own favorite to the mix; the “Offline Glass“. This clever invention forces drinkers to socialize with those they are sharing an evening with in person and not constantly checking in with the digital realm for their evening’s entertainment.

Check out the video below for how it works.

The Offline Glass from Mauricio Perussi on Vimeo.

While the downside is that checkins to social drinking sites/application become a lot harder it does happily discourage that friend who is there physically but mentally engaged in internet. Sick of having a significant other that is happier surfing reddit than sharing a beer? Sick and tired of you best friend chatting up with their significant other via text than spending quality hetero-life partner time?

Then this glass will happily solve all your problems.

Apparently technology can even solve technological problems. My only question is how does the bartender serve it?