The Perfect Growler?

Drink Tanks recently reached their kickstarter goal to create what they consider to be the perfect growler.  This brand new growler design boasts a higher price tag but meets expectations with quality.  Crafted from brewery quality stainless steel their drink tank is duel walled.  This helps insulate the beer when not in cold storage while at the same time keep the exterior free from water sweat.While this alone would be consideration for supporting this endeavor, it is far from the best feature of this technological marvel.  What truly makes this beer container unique is it duel lid system.  The standard lid works like a traditional growler lid creating an air tight seal to keep the beer for as long as possible.  The problem is the air that is trapped within the growler once it has been sealed.  The oxygen in this air is enough to taint a beer and ruin its shelf life.

The Drink Tank comes equipped with a second lid, the keg cap tap lid.  This lid turns the Drink Tank into a portable keg.  CO2 can easily added to this lid system to flush out air trapped within the growler to preserve the beer like a traditional keg.  This alone would be fantastic for the craft beer enthusiast as that growler of beer can now survive that two week trip to the beach or sit in your fridge while you work on other beers.  But again, the Drink Tank takes this one step further.  Since the keg cap tap lid turns the Drink Tank into a portable keg, why not provide a tap system to complete the conversion.  And it does just that!

Drinkt Tank with keg cap lid.
Sadly it is too late to get in as part of the kickstarter campaign but that is only because they successfully reached their goals.  This is fantastic news and I am looking forward to getting my hands on the modern, technological beer miracle.  We here at the Blind Tiger have two full systems on the way  You can be sure to get a full review of this awesome keg system when it shows up at our door.Now who’s up for splitting a growler of beer?