The GrabOpener: A New Thought on an Old Technology

SIX001As the video below illustrates there are innumerable ways to open a beer bottle with anything from a sharp edge on a table, to a folded dollar bill, to even another beer.  Despite the alleged ease of opening a beer in the video these methods each take a certain level of practice to achieve easily, proficiently, and look sufficiently cool while doing so.  Nothing is worse than having a cute fellow drinker at a party ask for help opening their beer and you are left looking hapless and helpless struggling to open their beer and being foiled by a weak chunk of thin metal.

Sure someone there is going to be able to open that bottle with a lighter or maybe someone has an opener on their key chain like any seasoned beer drinker would.  (I’m personally an experienced sot and are generally carrying not only a church-key but usually a beer koozie.)  But is that a risk you are willing to take?  Especially given that the video below shows what happens when opening a beer with a lot of these methods.

While a chuch-key is a great way to open a non-twist off beer (And I could have sworn Corona were twist-offs buddy.) there are some annoyances I have with this technology.  They require two hands so opening your beer and a friend’s requires three hands.  Often times if you aren’t paying complete attention one can slip up and not actually fully take the top off.  And the ones that are portable are either flimsy and difficult to use or consistent at opening but cumbersome to always carry.

Yet while surfing the web I ran across an indie-gogo project that has gone professional; the GrabOpener.  This isn’t your grandfather’s opener.  This tiny tool allows you to quickly, safely, and consistently open a beer one-handed, the first time, every time.

Their original name for the product “the gropener” (which sounds like the villain in a porn parody of a horror film) seems to be their only bad decision.  The lightweight tool has a powerful magnet to make sure the cap is placed properly in the tool to ensure that you have a solid grip before trying to open.  The design means you can hold the beer and the GrabOpener in one hand and with just a tiny squeeze pop the cap off your bottle.

It looks cool, seems easy to use, makes opening beers a snap, and the magnet doubles as a way to store it on your fridge or any magnetic surface.  All in all it seems like a very nice way to open a beer.  I’m ordering a bunch and so should you!  No more two-handed, frustrating church-keys.  Be stylish and go with a GrabOpener!

Just don’t call it a gropener.  Dear lord that name could make even the Most Interesting Man in the World seem undeniably creepy.