The Coolest Small Town Gets The Coolest Craft Beer Bar

Source: Craftbeer.comSource: has named its top 5 regional craft beer bars, and the Bull’s Head in Lititz got honorably mentioned to the list. Rather than rank the bars in numerical order, a smattering of venues were selected by the website and then divided by region. These bars were then put up for vote by the people, for the people; who could vote as often as they wished.

Two area watering holes, Bull’s Head and the Fridge made the first round. It seems that the former got the nod by the number of votes, but two bars within one county is proof that Lancaster is abundant with good destinations.

If it matters, the overall vote getter of the Northeast region was the Cloverleaf Tavern in Caldwell New Jersey. Seeing as how it is a stone’s throw from New York City, it isn’t too much of a surprise that it won in a contest that required sheer numbers of votes. is an outlet for the trade group Brewer’s Association, which is the dominant supporting body for craft beer brewers. Thus this is quite the high acolade, and we here at the Blind Tiger Podcast congratulate both the Bull’s Head and the Fridge for their success.

Source: LancasterOnline