The Alchemist Closes Retail Shop.

HEADY-TOPPER-FINAL-2-1024x980The Alchemist is dead! Long live the Alchemist!

The Alchemist brewery is known for producing arguably the best beer in the world. currently has it listed as their 29th favorite beer with the respectably ratings of both a perfect 100 in both its style and overall. This amazing beer is an unbelievable double or imperial india pale ale and has a reputation of being undeniably delicious.

The Alchemist, so dedicated to brewing the perfect DIPA is currently focused on brewing only this fresh, unfiltered beer year round. They offer some seasonal beers but their focus is their DIPA. The Alchemist is a family run brewery nestled in Waterbury, VT located in the norther part of the state.

The beer has become so immensely popular that those traveling to the brewery to buy the beer has overwhelmed the capacity of the store, its parking area, and the local traffic. The problem has become so acute that last week the Alchemist announced that it will be closing its retail shop permanently starting November 16th.

This announcement had a severe dearth of details and was met with an outcry as many folks were terrified that the already difficult to obtain beer would become even more obscure as the primary source of Heady Topper would no longer be open.

The Alchemist scrambled to answer the queries for the fans and yesterday they posted a blog post that hopefully answers all the important issues that their adoring beer public named as concerns. The good news is that they plan to open a new retail space shortly that is in a better location for traffic flow, parking, and holding more of their delicious beer and merchandise. There is of course the requisite zoning and permitting issues to work out with the proper authorities but the brewery is eager to work toward a hasty grand opening as soon as all the legalities are finalized.

They are aiming to be open before the holidays which doesn’t give them a lot of time but I imagine the new location won’t need a lot of work. So hopefully anyone who was planning a trip to buy this tasty DIPA straight from the source will be able to soon enough.

The update included a delightfully earnest and open response to all the pressing issues. They expect the location to be open before Christmas. Heady Topper will be available from their normal retailers. They will not be expanding distribution (dammit!) outside Northern Vermont. The price of the beer is not changing in any way. They have not been bought out by anyone. And this is not some marketing ploy.  They will also be happy to return the money of anyone who recently purchased their new growlers and is unwilling to wait until the new retail location opens to use them.

I was hoping that any change to their facilities would result in an increase in production but it sounds like the only change is where you get your growler filled and where to buy their beer from the brewery. Though it does sounds like yet another great excuse to travel up into Vermont to visit the plethora of amazing breweries the state is hiding within its borders.

If you haven’t had Heady Topper before and it is made available I would highly recommend a pint. Their world renown and many accolades are well deserved.