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I have been illustrating a number of beer advertising campaigns over the last few months.  The first that I illustrated was the hilarious anti-hipster campaign from a South African brewing company.  Their approach was to lambast those who are into
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Posting has been light lately as Mike has been traveling and I have been working on gearing up for a few new things.  We will return to our regular scheduled program of awesome updates four or five times a week.
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Meantime brewhouse. Regardless of medium there are always three groups of persons surrounding a craft; producers, critics, and consumers. Take music for example. There are the musicians who create the music whether by songwriting or performing. There is a critical
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Their brewhouse.

Good Beer Week and Bridge Road Brewers capitalizing on an Internet meme that died months ago, recently released a video that pays homage to the overly enthusiastic beer geeks we all know and love (or are ourselves).  Their video captures
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BeerCompany,So.Boston" title="" />I am often surprised at how touchy the religious are about references to God in popular culture. If you don’t approach the Almighty with the proper reverence and respect you are lambasted for being insincere
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One of the most difficult and time consuming requests when serving beer is filling a growler. Due to the large capacity of this container it takes a lot more time to fill a growler than a typical pint glass. However,
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