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By day I am a technology nerd. I spend long hours in front of a computer attempting to bend their stubborn tenacity to my programmer’s will. By virtue of spending so much time in virtual space I also tend
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As the video below illustrates there are innumerable ways to open a beer bottle with anything from a sharp edge on a table, to a folded dollar bill, to even another beer.  Despite the alleged ease of opening a beer
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Sometimes the ingenious aspect to a product is not the product itself, but what carries the product from production plant to consumer. Capri-Sun, while tasty, is a singular voice of sugary, juice concentrate drink fighting to be heard amongst an
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One of the most difficult and time consuming requests when serving beer is filling a growler. Due to the large capacity of this container it takes a lot more time to fill a growler than a typical pint glass. However,
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