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This is the twenty-ninth episode of the Blind Tiger Podcast, recorded on May 26th, 2014.  In this episode Mike, Jesse, and myself attempt to wash out the flavor from our 40s battle last episode with the powerful combination of sour
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Source: Auburn.edu Who’s ready for some science? Whenever Rob and I muse on the podcast about a beer tasting odd or off, we are referring to the many ways in which the delicate ballet of beer production can
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Source: Auburn.edu

As a homebrewer on a shoe-string budget, I was used to racking my beer into the primary fermenter then making a sacrifice to the all-mighty climate gods that the ambient temperature in my non-climate controlled (read: no air-conditioning) apartment stayed
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The Economist celebrated the legality of homebrewing in its most recent issue. The last state to formally lift the prohibition on homemade beer, Mississippi, had its legislation approved in May and saw it come into effect on the first of
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Whiskey soaked oak chips floating in a soon to be Australian IPA. Today, Saturday May 4th is National Homebrew Day. Celebrations went out country-wide as homebrewers proudly showed off their wares to an American public whose thirst for fine craft
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Whiskey soaked oak chips floating in a soon to be Australian IPA.