Sunny Rest Resort hosts 'Nudity Required' Beer Fest


I absolutely adore a good beer festival. I love the opportunity to sample not only great quality craft beer but often something new and exciting to challenge my conceptions about what craft beer can be. I love the atmosphere of tasting beer with fellow craft beer enthusiasts who are jubilant, energetic, and impossibly respectful for an event involving hours of indulgence in beer drinking. Many of my favorite craft beer experiences have been as a result of beer festivals and I considered myself open to any beer fest that worked within my budget and schedule.

It appears that my unreserved exuberance for craft beer may have met a venue that gives pause. Sunny Rest Resort nestled away in the Pocono Mountain region is hosting a beer festival on June 28th. This beautiful resort in very one of the most scenic and vernal parts of Pennsylvania sounds like a great place to spend a weekend enjoying nature and craft beer. Yet what Sunny Rest Resort is really known for is their dress code. Well, their lack of a dress code to be exact.

Sunny Rest Resort is a Pennsylvania nudist colony. While the resort “encourages” nudity for all guests it actually requires nudity in its pools and hot tubs. And for the weekend of the beer festival this will requirement will extend to the beer festival area as well.

Sunny Rest Resort describes itself as “a fun, sociable, and relaxed clothes-free resort with daily entertainment and modern facilities for all ages, genders, races, and body types.” They are seeking to create (and seem to have succeeded) in creating a comfortable and safe environment for those who would prefer to throw off the oppressive shackles or clothing tyranny and run free in the image of our creator. And now you can do it while sampling beer!

The tickets only cost an extremely reasonable $18.00 for entry and the price of admission includes unlimited samplings from the “finest local and imported breweries.”

If you have ever been at a beer fest and thought that the only thing missing was the ability to be naked without getting hauled to prison then the Sunny Rest Resort beer festival might be for you. I encourage you to check out their website the facilities seem modern and amazing with some seriously awesome amenities like a heated pool, sand volleyball courts, huge pool, nightclub and bar, and campgrounds.

If nothing else it will be one of the most unusual beer festivals you could possible attend.