Stone's "Enjoy by 9.13.13" Coming To a Region Near You (Us)!

stone 9.13.13

We have blogged about Stone’s ‘Enjoy By’ Series before, imploring the masses to vote for our region any way you could in order to convince those in charge that it was worth it to ship it out to here. According to Stone’s dedicated webpage, you could enter a vote via Facebook, Twitter, Email, Instagram, Smoke Signal; just about any form of social media.

Whether or not these votes matter or Stone simply uses them as a marketing stunt seems ambiguous at best. Either way, they must have heard someone on the East Coast as the latest iteration is heading this way. It will unfortunately blow past us a bit to the east as it appears that all shipments are destined for the Philly Metro area, specifically Northern Delaware and Southwestern New Jersey. That still makes it close enough for a short day trip, maybe even as you head to or from the beach, to pop into a beverage distributor and pick up a case of this purportedly delicious and oh-so-fresh IPA. The beer has been shipped and is due to arrive this Wednesday, according to their site. You can check out which specific locations are receiving a shipment by entering your zipcode here.

It’s been many moons since this beer was last available in the area, so if you are interested, take advantage of the opportunity now!

Source: Stone