South African Brewer Targets Hipsters in Ad Campaign

garagista-4If there is one group of people who are consistently despised across all social boundaries it is hipsters.  Everyone who is even remotely aware of the current fashion trend, regardless of whether they have co-opted skinny jeans, their local music scenes, epic beards and mustaches, are content to look down with snobbish certainty on those hipsters snug in their certainty that they are not hipsters.

As a man who listens to bands that none of his music obsessed friends have ever heard of, sports a rather unimpressive beard, and is obsessed with craft beer I have to admit that they few pair of skinny pants I own might suggest that I’ve earned myself a place in the hipster hierarchy despite not have a fixed gear bicycle, tattoo(s), or handlebar mustache.

South African brewery, Garagista Beer Co, has decided that “hipster hate” is marketable if not profitable.  On their Facebook page they have an amazing quote that I don’t think speaks to the American craft beer scene but it certainly lambasted the nature of hipster culture; “In a world where some people care more about the craft beer image than the actual beer we care about one thing — damn good beer.”

Craft beer has become more than just wanting to drink better beer.  It has become fashionable.  While most of the people I know are drinking the beer that they do because it tastes delicious for a fair price I am not unaware of a certain segment of craft beer lovers who are interested more in craft beer credibility than necessarily the beer that they drink.  Whether it is those hunting down those white whales in the craft beer scene or discussing their trip to that just soooo amazing local brewpub in Austin that you just must check out if you are at all cool, there is something reputation based to it that isn’t desirable about liking better beer.

I can’t hate too much on hipsters as my friends and I are a bit too far into that culture to really feel smugly superior to them.  But I do think that this advertising campaign is just a hilarious indictment and if you can’t laugh at yourself then you truly are a hipster.  So breakout that record player, wax that handlebar mustache, hop on your penny farthing, and enjoy a cold Garagista.  If I were in South Africa I know I would grab a sixer for the ad campaign alone.