Sixpoint Photo Contest

4dd3c8d8a5805fc09279719efd141a77_640x640I mentioned in yesterdays episode that Sixpoint Brewery recently released their latest beer “Global Warmer” complete with a cross promotional badge on Untappd for those who get social with their drinking.

Yesterday Sixpoint released details on their blog that they are hosting a photo contest with Untappd called “Toast with the Most.” The contest offers a simple set of rules and will offer a great set of prizes of “Sixpoint Swag” packages.

Starting today to enter all you have to do is check into a Sixpoint Beer on Untappd with a creative photo. The photos will be judged on “composition, mise-en scene, writing, and user engagement.” On December 23rd the top six entries will be announced as a way to encourage new entries to up their game. The only other requirement is that you use the #SixpointToast hashtag to make your photo submission official. Winners will be announced on New Year’s Day.

While I love that Sixpoint and Untappd so often cross promote I do dislike the element of user engagement as part of judging consideration. While I know it isn’t the only element I strongly dislike the “other people sharing” it makes it better argument. I know I end up sounding like a curmudgeon but I think one of the flaws of social media is that user engagement is ranked so highly. We all know that person on Facebook or Twitter whose every vapid, rambling thought or ill composed, un-viewable photo gets a hundred likes and eighty shares due to a leal legion of fans. Meanwhile the insightful, witty, or painfully creative friend gets a sparse set of likes at best.

If popularity was a true judge of quality then reality television would exist and Oscar winning movies would always make more money than the summer Blockbusters that never get an Oscar nod in the first place.

But putting aside my social vitriol I do think this is a fun and exiting contest and if it encourages me to have a few more Sixpoint beers my life will be all the more enriched with Sweet Action, Crisp, and the delicious Global Warmer.

So shutter bugs, get out there, have a beer, and start sending in entries. You know I will be sharing my entries.