jpeg-3Good Beer Week and Bridge Road Brewers capitalizing on an Internet meme that died months ago, recently released a video that pays homage to the overly enthusiastic beer geeks we all know and love (or are ourselves).  Their video captures some of the most pretentious, stilly, and downright ridiculous sentiments that might come from a craft brew enthusiasts mouth while out drinking.

I don’t think Mike, Jesse, or I are too guilty of any of these particular statements I know I’m guilty of the spirit of the video if not the exact quotes.  I will also have to, hopefully ironically, work some of these into casual conversion.  Especially “A pale ale? No, it is a white stout” or “This is hideously infected, unless it’s a lambic, in that case its awesome!”

Are any of your craft beer enthusiasts guilty of this level of hilarious pretentiousness?