Shelf Collapse Ruins Liqour Stocks

We have mentioned numerous times on the show that Pennsylvania is a state where grocery stores are not allowed to sell alcohol to their eager customers. Having visited states where this sort of activity is legal I have always wondered at the quality of presentation for liquors, wine, and beer. Most grocery stores are pretty apathetic about presenting their alcoholic choice any differently from their non-alcoholic wares. They use the same, seemingly flimsy shelving to hold their alcohol as their bread. Which seems fine until you think about the weight differential between water (the primary ingredient in alcohol) and bread. This can lead to problems like the video below. (Wait for it!)

Whoops! Talk about a waste of good booze. Thankfully nobody was hurt, though I’m sure several someones were worried about being fired and I know personally I wept inconsolably upon finishing the video. I’m sure a grocery store in insured against this sort of loss but it is still an impressively large lost of booze.

If one could filter out the broken glass I feel like that could be the worst best “adult” slip-n-slide. Not only would it be fun to slide down a grocer’s aisle but it would be great to get drunk while doing so; especially via osmosis.

I’m left wondering if what you are left with from this disaster is a floor full of Flaming Moe’s.

Have any of our readers ever seen this sort of disaster happen? YouTube certainly has numerous examples to choose from.