Sheetz Adds Beer Sales in Shippensburg


A Sheetz convenience store in Shippensburg, Pa has been approved by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to sell beer. It joins the flagship Altoona Store and a Pittsburgh area GetGo as the only gas stations allowed by the board to sell beer. Several grocery stores have started to sell beer including in Lancaster County.

It seems that if PA legislators can’t agree on how to disseminate beer sales to grocery stores and gas stations, the process will instead move forward (albeit slowly) on a case by case basis. The board inspected the store earlier this week and found it satisfactory; they then awarded a special license to the Shippensburg Sheetz.

The move has its opponents. The chief of police in the Shippensburg area is worried that the additional supply of beer will mean increased sales to the areas college students, particularly the ones underage. A spokesman for the Sheetz company has stated that beer sales occur at Sheetz in the surrounding states and the Altoona location with no issues.

No word on what specifically is offered on the shelves. The article simply states that up to 90 different brands of beer including imported and craft will be available. Since AB Inbev can have half a dozen iterations of Budweiser, it isn’t clear what percentage is craft or not. One hopes that at the very least, Sheetz will offer Southern Pennsylvania and Maryland craft beers.

Source: WITF