Scientists Develop a Robot Maid Who will Happily Pour You a Beer

Recently, while re-watching Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, I decided that I positively wanted my own R2-D2. In the previous two movies, he was a cool companion to other robots and handy when needed to communicate with space stations and vehicles, but it wasn’t until he was put to work on Jabba’s party barge that I realized his potential to help someone like me. Strap a fancy tray on his head and he turns into the ultimate bartender, complete with ability to fetch and return whatever drink you needed.

Now Cornell University, alma mater of Andy Bernard , have developed a robot capable of doing just that. Using a Kinect Sensor, a device Microsoft developed to accompany their video game console to allow people to make fools of themselves at parties, has been used along with some pretty nifty robotics to bring to life a robot capable of reading your mind.

Using coded algorithms, the geniuses over at Cornell have programmed a robot to sense the movements of an individual and then predict from there what task they intend to complete. There are 120 different tasks that the robot can recognize, anything from opening the fridge door for you to (what is sure to be the crowd favorite) pour you a beer. As the video shows, it can also recognize when you are about to pull away your glass, so that it won’t spill precious Heady Topper all over the floor.Like most academically created robots, it is functional beyond question but could use a bit of a makeover. It would most likely scare the bejeezus out of me when I get up to pee in the middle of the night and find it to be waiting for me at the door. Researcher Ashutosh Saxena also mentions that the code used for the robot is open source and available for others to use. I suggest Rob get on the task of loading this software into a Roomba or something for use on our Beer Vs. Beer segments.