Samplesode 8: Crafty Craft Brews

Zestig There is just too much beer in the world to only taste twice a month. In the spirit of more is better the Blind Tiger podcast team has decided to add samplesodes to the podcast lineup. These mini-episodes will feature only tastings of hopefully unique or exotic beer, often on location to keep your Blind Tiger intake at a more regular interval.

Regrettably for us Mike is currently traveling abroad but his international endeavors are no excuse for lack of delicious beer themed audio.  In his absence I was joined by friend of the show and philosophical drinker, Matt Johnson.  Those observant to the history of our show will remember that Matt Johnson was one of the illustrious winners of our Lancaster Craft Beer Festival free tickets.  His clever entry was both interesting in who he wanted to share drinks with but was also the only entry to be formed in as a poem.

Matt and I delve deep into the problems of elitism that is beginning to pervade the craft beer movement in America.  I recently read an article from Time magazine that argued that there is a growing sense of a craft beer “pecking order” that has certain breweries stretching the definition of craft brewery to the point of incredulity while others have more credibility when shouldering the mantle of craft beer.  Matt and I tackle the philosophical (and practical) problems with attempting to suggest that certainly breweries are “more” craft beer than others.

While getting unnecessarily philosophical and pedantic on a topic that doesn’t need such scrutiny we sampled an amazing Belgian Golden Ale called Malheur Zestig.  While traditionally I haven’t been the largest fan of this style strong ale that was light in color, strong in body, yet low on alcoholic taste has shown me the light on the Belgian Golden Ale.  While Matt and I might not have given the most serious of accolades on tape I have nothing but love for this beer and am going to have to struggle not to immediately consume the secret second bottle that I have of this.

This beer was beyond impressive.  That was a beer that I could regularly for the rest of my life if available.  If you can get your hands on some I would suggest you go out of your way to try it.  It was transcendent.  It was a beer that could define a style for someone and singlehandedly enrich their preference for the Belgian Golden Ale.

Keep and eye out for the next full episode scheduled for release next Thursday with the full Blind Tiger crew and of course the next samplesode.

Thanks for listening and of course, as always, keep on drinking!

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