Samplesode 46: Behind the Bar Redux

There is just too much beer in the world to only taste twice a month. In the spirit of more is better the Blind Tiger podcast team has decided to add samplesodes to the podcast lineup. These mini-episodes will feature only tastings of hopefully unique or exotic beer, often on location to keep your Blind Tiger intake at a more regular interval.

This week Mike, Jesse, Emily, and myself sat down in our studio to talk a less discussed side of the craft beer explosion, the men and women behind the bar that serve us our delicious beer.

This episode is the second of a new series of samplesodes called "Behind the Bar" where we sit down and discuss beer from the viewpoint of the bartender. These unsung heroes of the beer world are paid to tolerate the inebriated, to provide solace to the depressed chugging depressants, and to escort the intolerably rowdy out the door by the scruff of their necks.

In our second episode in the series was with Lancaster's own Jason Berlet. Jason is currently providing his wizened and frankly hilarious experience to American Bar and Grill or A-bag as it is affectionately known.

Jason is much more than just a bartender having studied the ancient and mystical art of comedy with the famous (or perhaps infamous) Second City Comedy Troupe which boast having honed the craft of far too many Saturday Night Live stars.

His interview is hilarious and enlightening so check out our conversation with Jason Berlet to see what it is really like "Behind the Bar."

Listen to the Episode Here