Samplesode 41: Duffman Can’t Breathe, Oh No!

There is just too much beer in the world to only taste twice a month. In the spirit of more is better the Blind Tiger podcast team has decided to add samplesodes to the podcast lineup. These mini-episodes will feature only tastings of hopefully unique or exotic beer, often on location to keep your Blind Tiger intake at a more regular interval.

This week Mike, Jesse, and myself went a little experimental.  Why the glory days of the Simpsons have come and gone there are still bright moments that shine through the haze of the Simpsons’ golden years.  While one shouldn’t expect every episode of a television show old enough to vote, drink, and rent a goddamn car to be comedy genius there are episodes that border on greatness.  A few Sundays ago there was such an episode that involved Homer Simpson become the famous Duff Brewery’s mascot; Duffman.

The episode itself was funny as it lambasted varied topics from reality television to cycling culture.  But the focus of the episode was right in our wheelhouse; beer.

Mike, Jesse, and I sat down with a few beers to riff on the comedy gold that is the Simpsons.  It is our inaugural audio track to a piece of media.  It is hopefully as amusing to listen to as it was to record.  So find a copy of the episode, sync up our track, and get to listening.

And of course enjoy a Duff beer while doing so.