Samplesode 32: Double Trouble

doubleThere is just too much beer in the world to only taste twice a month. In the spirit of more is better the Blind Tiger podcast team has decided to add samplesodes to the podcast lineup. These mini-episodes will feature only tastings of hopefully unique or exotic beer, often on location to keep your Blind Tiger intake at a more regular interval.

This week Mike, Jesse, and I gathered in our studio to taste a grand beer experiment.  Recently, two of our favorite local breweries collaborated to make an amazing Imperial Red.  Saint Boniface and the Columbia Kettle Works joined forces to make Kettleface a great tasting 7% ABV red.

Though just a local collaboration beer, while cool, isn’t enough to have really captured our imaginations.  No, this team produced two beers called Kettleface.  Made from the same recipes, using the same ingredients the only difference between these beers in the location they were brewed, the yeast that was used, and the water source.  Everything else was done exactly the same.

This presented a huge opportunity for those of us you are obsessed with beer.  Do these factors matter in a beer and if so how much do they matter?  Could you taste a difference between the two beers given the same ingredients were used in the same amounts and prepared the same?  How much do water and/or yeast contribute to the taste of beer?

Well we managed to grab a growler of each beer, sat down, and decided to investigate.  For science!  Listen in to find out our results.

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