Sam Calagione to Become "Must see TV"


Some people revere Sam Calagione, the man behind Delaware brewery Dogfish Head, as something of a celebrity. Originally it was for his craft ales, which were a stark contrast that the beer scene was looking for back in the mid-nineties. He then went on to write a book, contribute to a few beer documentaries, and then star in the TV series “Brew Masters” on the Discovery Channel. Now he takes his prestige one step further into the main stream with a deal he has inked with FOX to base a new comedy on his life.

Actor and Writer, Ken Marino, decided to pitch the idea to networks after reading Calagione’s book, “Brewing Up a Buisness“. While Marino took the liberty without Calagione’s knowledge, the main man at Dogfish is on board with the project due to the two being mutual friends. Calagione will take the role as consultant while Marino will star as the character based on his life. Sam’s wife, Mariah, will also be a character on the show.

Ken Marino’s credits include acting on a few comedys, including “Children’s Hospital” and “Reno 911!“, as well as writing for the former as well as the early 90s MTV series, “The State“. Ken not only is Calagione’s friend, but also manages to bare a good resemblance to him as well. The show is slated to use a single-camera setup, similar to the slate of comedy’s that have been popular over the past decade, including “The Office” and “Community“. No word yet on what the time table for production is.

If Sam Calagione keeps this up, he just might have his own media empire to go along with his little beer business.