Rare Beer Release by Stone Just a Tweet Away!

When the masses demand beer, Stone Brewing Company will listen. At least, for one of their rare releases they will.

Stone is releasing another entry in their line of “Enjoy By” beers, beers specifically made to be imbibed no more than about a month after bottling. To get in on the action, all you need to do is take to the twitters. By tweeting the hash tags #Enjoyby and your location (i.e. #LancasterPA), you enter into the running to have Stone ship the fresh stuff directly to the area. If you are not a twitter fanatic, and lord knows I am not, then you can also submit entries via Email (which will collect zip code information), Facebook (by posting in the comments box below the “Enjoy-O-Meter”), and Instagram (Use the same hashtags as above).

Bottled on Memorial Day, this release is slated to be “Enjoyed By” no later than the fourth of July. The area has not seen an “Enjoy By” release since Philadelphia received some in February. The past several have gotten close to our door, including Delaware, Maryland, and Pittsburgh, with all the lucky receivers listed on Stone’s webpage devoted specifically to the “Enjoy By” beer. Stone, based in Escondido, California is well known amongst craft beer enthusiasts (and advocates). Among their many varieties, Stone brews a Double IPA specifically to be enjoyed within a certain window in order to get the best possible flavor from the citrus-y hops used to make the beer. A clever marketing campaign? Let’s get Lancaster, PA on Stone’s radar for this release and find out!