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Lancaster Newspapers

We were recently spotlighted by the bi-monthly column called “What Ales Ya?” in our local newspaper.  While the feature was in the print edition it also made it onto the website where you could put faces to the names of the men behind the microphone.  We are reprinting the text below for posterity’s sake.

Originally Published Nov 26, 2013 16:20
By Bernie Harris Staff Writer [](
 Editor’s note: Bernie Harris consumed innumerable cans of beer (always the good stuff first) before having his first dark pint of Yorkshire bitter in college. He remains partial to brown ales but is amazed at the variety of beer now available and the inventiveness and passion of craft brewers. It’s not uncommon for friends to get together over a few beers. For beer enthusiasts, it not uncommon for the conversation to be about the beer. What is uncommon is for there to be a microphone in front of them. Since March, Rob Fisher, Mike Albright and Jesse Clark have been carrying on their conversations in front of anyone who cares to listen. And, more than 400 did listen to the most recent episode of the [Blind Tiger podcast]( Along with those downloads of the Internet-based audio program, there have been another 1,500 visits to the Blind Tiger’s Internet site. There is growing interest in craft beer. According to the Brewers Association, a craft beer trade group, there were 2,347 craft breweries operating in 2012, with more than 400 new ones opening that year. Each of those breweries may have several beers and the varieties and variations on those varieties can be staggering. There are 14 breweries in Lancaster County alone, Albright notes. Sitting in the Federal Taphouse, on Lancaster’s North Queen Street last week, he cited the 100 different beers on tap. “You’re starting to see a lot more places like this and The Fridge, where there are just an overwhelming amount of options when they walk in,” says Albright, a buyer for a wholesale produce company. Many people don’t know where to start, they believe. So, beer enthusiasts Albright, 28, and Fisher, a 32-year-old computer programmer, began with Clark. Clark is a 34-year-old musician, sound technician and associate music professor. Until recently, he was a coffee, wine, vodka and whiskey drinker. “I knew there was better beer out there. I just didn’t know what it was,” Clark says. Fisher, a self-described podcast fanatic, and Albright had the idea of doing the podcast after people asked them frequently for beer advice. Clark volunteered that he had the sound equipment. Blind Tiger, a prohibition-era slang term for an illegal bar, was born. For eight months, they have recorded episodes in which they have pitted a beer selected by Fisher against one selected by Albright. Clark gets to taste and pick the winner. As a beer novice, Clark’s questions bring Fisher and Albright back to reality when they begin getting too technical. And, as the show has progressed, so has Clark’s education in beer and his palette. The first episode, never released, had Albright introducing Clark to a Stone’s Arrogant Bastard, a super-hoppy ale. “Jesse took one sip of that and was scratching his tongue trying to get the flavor off of it,” Fisher recalls. Clark now tolerates hops and can even appreciate the flavor. Their hope is that they are educating more people than Clark. “Our hope is our enthusiasm keeps people experimenting,” Fisher says. *“What Ales Ya,” a local column paying tribute to craft beer, appears every other Wednesday of the month in the Lifestyle/Food section.*