Pizza Boy Coming to a Bar Near You?

Beer + Pizza = HappyBeer + Pizza = Happy

We have visited a number of craft beer locations to review. We like to go in blind, without high expectations, to really give the place as fair of a shake as possible.

When we visited Al’s of Hampden / Pizza Boy Brewing Company we were maybe underwhelmed with the ambiance but we were overwhelmed with how good the beer was.  We had heard many a story about how their beer (and especially their sours) were worth every minute of the over an hour drive from Lancaster, Pa to Enola, Pa.

While are assessment of Al’s was a bit more nuanced the conclusion was the same.  Pizza Boy Brewing Company’s beers are worth looking into regardless of inconvenience.

Yet with any discovery of something new, different, and delicious you want to get a steady supply of it for further experimentation, review, and downright enjoyment.  As much as I enjoy a speedy drive through central Pennsylvania, making a regular trip to a beer mecca (that doesn’t allow sample tastes) to buy growlers is a bit much.  I’m not going to say that I wouldn’t do it, just not as often as my craft beer craving would desire it.

But there is “good news everyone!”  In a press release that hit social media sites yesterday, Pizza Boy just signed a distribution deal with Westy’s Beer Distributor.  This deal means that Pizza Boy beer will be available in eleven counties in Pa.

  1. Adams
  2. Cumberland
  3. Dauphin
  4. Franklin
  5. Fulton
  6. Juniata
  7. Lancaster
  8. Lebanon
  9. Mifflin
  10. Perry
  11. York

While we had heard pretty serious rumors that Pizza Boy was coming to Lancaster city by way of a favorite watering hole it is unbelievably awesome that this news is confirmed.  While the press release did not say when to expect PIzza Boy beer in your local bottle shop the deal is done and Pizza Boy Brewing Co is hosting an industry and media night on Monday July 14th.  I imagine it wouldn’t be too long until their beer shows up at your local bar or bottle shop.

I for one welcome our Pizza Boy overlords as their beer is far too delicious.