Pass Me a Beer

Posting has been light lately as Mike has been traveling and I have been working on gearing up for a few new things.  We will return to our regular scheduled program of awesome updates four or five times a week.  But give us a little time to get things together.

In the meantime that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the wildly absurd and only cursorily related beer videos.  Funny or Die recently posted quite possibly my favorite beer themed video on the internet to date.  One part ironic hipsterism, one part beer, and two parts stupid beer “tricks” this hilarious duo travel to Wisconsin to create “Hey, Pass Me A Beer 2“.  Some of their tricks are hilarious, some intentionally stupid, and some impressive but ALL are worth a watch.

The video certainly demands an answer to three important questions: “Why the hell don’t we deliver beer via t-shirt cannon at sporting events?  What could possibly go wrong?  What could possibly be awesomer than that?”