Outsmart Mother Nature with This Geothermal Refrigerator

Those who happen to be Amish or planing a camping trip take note, a couple of guys from Denmark really want you to keep your beer cool. In order to help you achieve your goal, they’ve introduced a product intended to be planted, physically into a hole in the earth’s crust.

Four feet deep in fact is all that is needed to utilize the natural ability of the dirt below our feet to act as an insulator and keep your beer cans cool without the use of a refrigerator or electricity. A little sweat and a large garden drill is all that is needed to install (a little knowledge of buried utilities is helpful as well, 811!) this cylindrical structure that can loaded up with beer cans chainsaw style. When you want access to a chilled brewski, simply turn the crank to have a beer pop up like it was iced down by mysterious underground gnomes.

This could be a real benefit to those who are serious campers. It also costs some serious dough, coming in at $350. It’s handmade by Danes, so it definitely counts for some hipster points. Check out the link here for more info!

Source: Core77