Newcastle Pokes Fun at Budweiser

proxyMy esteemed partner wrote awhile ago about Budweiser’s summer offering in the latest can technology.  In an attempt to bring culture to their customers they developed the bow-tie can.  Budweiser bragged about the 16-step process to create a can that mimics their bow-tie shaped logo and quietly admitted that their customers would be paying equal or greater expense to purchase 0.7oz less than a normal can.

It was a triumph of beer drinking technology that solved an age-old problem beer drinkers didn’t even know they had.  Sales in Budweiser rocked toward inconceivable record-breaking highs, the people rejoiced, and the engineers at Budweiser were recognized with a nobel prize.

Or not.  Mostly people yawned and wondered what the hell is wrong with Budweiser.  We called them out for making people pay more for less.

It seems Newcastle decided to throw their hat in the ring of public “stupid marketing” shaming with the following tweet.

Introducing the new, #Newcastle bow-tie can. It’s our regular can with the sides pushed in. Innovation! #NoBollocks

— Newcastle Brown Ale (@Newcastle) July 17, 2013

I can’t say I blame them.  The idea is clearly a marketing scheme to fool their mindless customers buying into a can style rather than the quality of the contents the can stores.  While it was probably a neat achievement for the engineering department to make a bow-tie can it certainly wasn’t something the market was demanding.

And what’s the point of being the little guy if you can’t poke fun at Goliath once in awhile.  Not that I expect Budweiser to stop these sorts of promotions I certainly love the immediacy of social networking to less us collectively laugh out loud at the complete failure of these sorts of technical “achievements”.  Bravo Newcastle, bravo.

Also send me a case of your beer in cans!  I haven’t seen any in the Blind Tiger Podcast’s neighborhood yet.