New World Beer Mile Record Recording

track-running-lanesThis past weekend was Lancaster’s amazing race against racism a five kilometer fun run. I’m still personally recovering from attempting to push through the three-mile in town route from start to finish. While I was already feeling horrible about my inability to maintain the pace of a pack of snails reader and friend of the show, Matt Johnson, had to pile insult on top of injury by submitting a new world record of the fastest beer mile.

You may be asking what exactly is a beer mile. Well, it is chugging a beer, run a lap around a track and repeat four times. The time it takes to drink the beer in included in the time it takes to finish the race.

This might seem like a good idea but even four cans of the most watered down light beer is while sprinting a mile is going to cause issues like side stitches, cramps, or flat-out vomiting. And of course you have to be able as fast as downing a beer as running a mile to really maximize this competition.

The record is now 4:57.1 which is insanely fast for a single mile let alone throwing in the additional challenge of chugging beer. It is insanity.

If you think yourself a competitive runner and a competitive drinker I think you should challenge James “The Beast” Nielsen’s record. And make sure to submit the link to your attempt.