National Homebrew Day

Whiskey soaked oak chips floating in a soon to be Australian IPA.Whiskey soaked oak chips floating in a soon to be Australian IPA.

Today, Saturday May 4th is National Homebrew Day. Celebrations went out country-wide as homebrewers proudly showed off their wares to an American public whose thirst for fine craft beer seem insatiable.  The American Homebrewers Association (ABA) sponsored many events across the country hoping to increase awareness and appreciation of homebrewers.

Locally Mr. Steve’s Homebrew store held a day of celebration at their York location.

The details are on their website:

At noon, everyone involved across America toasts a beer to celebrate the occasion. We will be offering free ingredients for those club members that would like to participate in brewing a batch of beer with us. Burgers and dogs will be provided and feel free to bring a few of your homebrews to share with everyone. There will be raffles for free stuff. Bring a friend and if they buy a beer making kit for the first time, we will take $10 off the kit and give YOU a $10 gift card.

Join Mr. Steve’s to Celebrate National Homebrew Day!

While I was unable to attend the celebration in York I did celebrate in style having my infamous Castle Hill Convict Rebellion IPA with dinner.  I also managed to share a bottle of my sister’s first attempt at an IPA..  Both paired nicely with the grilled chicken, potatoes, and asparagus I had for dinner while enjoying the wonderful spring air.

We hope you found something equally worthy to celebrate the joyous occasion and if you didn’t this year you have 365 days to get your own homebrew fermenting.  So find a local homebrewer and thank them for their craft.  You never know they might just share what they have hiding in the basement.