National Beer Day

Prohibitions ends at lastProhibition ends at last

April 7th, 1933 marks the end of Prohibition in America.  On this auspicious day FDR made all alcohol under 3.2% alcohol by to brew, possess, and imbibe.  This was a repeal of the Volstead act and paved the way to fully repeal prohibition.  It is for this reason that April 7th is celebrated as National Beer day as beer drinkers in the United States celebrate this first victory of the “wets” over the “dries”.

This new law still enforced limits so that most modern day beers with their higher percentage of alcohol would have still been illegal.  It is for this reason that April 7th is also known as session beer day; to celebrate high quality beers with a lower alcohol content.  This is a fine reminder that not all beers need to put you on your ass to appreciate their fine, satiating flavor.

With spring here and summer quickly approaching finding a lazy all-day Saturday session beer is high on the Bling Tiger to do list so we are celebrating the day in earnest.

But whether you are drinking a beer that is nearly non-alcoholic or the most brutal of strong ales, have another and celebrate the death of that dark time in America’s history.