Man Breaks World Record Carrying 27 Beers, No Word on Whether He Shared

Get this guy as your waiter and you’ll never need to bother ordering a second round.

Tis September, and with it comes bountiful Oktoberfests. Lancaster is hosting one this weekend at the Liederkranz, the local German venue. I for one will be there and hoisting the traditional liter stein, over 32 liquid oz of beer. The stein is hard enough for me to curl when full, and I couldn’t imagine lifting more than two, or 27.

Check out this video of Oliver Struempfel doing a 40 meter dash like a champ, while carrying 27 of those massive mugs. All this without a tray; just simple German will power. Mr. Struempfel broke the world record and his own previous personal best of 26. The video courtesy of the BBC also includes footage of the lone challenger, who put forth a good show, but wound up spilling more then a smidge of beer on himself.

Source: BBC