Iran Throws Wet Blanket on German Brewer

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It seems innocuous enough. A German Brewer wanted to celebrate international spirit during the World Cup by producing specially made labels on its beer, each depicting the flag of one of the participants. Unfortunately one of the participants is Iran, a predominantly Islamic country that forbids the consumption of alcohol, and therein lies the conflict.

One Iranian official, Hamid Rasaie, has become outspoken on the matter and has denounced brewer Gaffel Kolsch and FIFA. He insinuates that by printing the Iranian flag on a bottle of alcohol that both factions have committed an act of disrespect.

Iran, whose soccer team has received wide publicity of its economic woes due to imposed sanctions on the country, is also making sure the team is on its best behavior while away in a foreign country competing in a huge international event. Hossein Azin, the head of Iran’s Commission for Culture, is traveling with the team as a overseer to ensure no unapproved activities take place. One would assume this includes imbibing German beer, even if their home countries flag is on the bottle.

There have been no other objections from any of the other 31 teams playing in this years World Cup about having their flag represented on a light German lager.

Source: Al Jazeera America