Infographic: Americas Favorite Beer by State

Business Insider that are extremely interesting. ) recently posted the results of an informal survey of 5,249 drinkers from all fifty states.  Blowfish, which alleges to have a hangover cure (though podcasters Ross and Carrie strong disagree) partnered with a survey company to investigate the drinking habits across our grand union.  The results were publish as a series of maps and infographics that are extremely interesting.

beer of choice

My favorite is the favorite beer by state which yielded some surprising results.

The image shows the most popular beer selected by those surveyed. I am proud to see that Pennsylvania has shunned the big two and gone with their local choice of Yuengling.  While I won’t claim that Yuengling is the pinnacle of lagers it is a fine selection for an admirably inexpensive price. It is interesting to see the regional distinction with Blue Moon being wildly success in the mid-West, Bud Light being huge in the bread-basket yet Oklahoma being some stalwart iconoclast and favoring Coors Light.

The image is fascinating and all manner of grossly inaccurate assumptions can be made from this small sample size. The other resulting images were equally fascinating. What is your favorite factoid from these infographics?