Hunger N Thirst Hosting Pizza Boy Brewing Tonight!

Several months ago we made the sojourn to Pizza Boy Brewing in Enola. We were enamored with their beers, and tried to indulge in as many as possible, despite not being allowed any samples. Now we are getting the best of both worlds as Pizza Boy is coming to Lancaster area bars.

That includes Hunger N Thirst, which will be hosting Pizza Boy head brewer Terry Hawbaker tonight. They will be tapping four beers including Zesty Enterprise, a summer Grissette that we commented on in the show. Others include a Citra IPA, The Pits (an IPA made with peaches and dry hopped), and a double IPA. If you like hops, check out these beers. The facebook post by HnT also hinted at the possibility of other specialties.

Hunger N Thirst is located on Landis Avenue, just off of the intersection of Harrisburg Pike and President Avenue. While there, don’t forget to check out the bottle shop, browse through the store, or have an excellent meal.