Hipsters Love Beer

jpegIt is undeniably that we take our beer pretty seriously here at the Blind Tiger Podcast.  From drinking just about any beer we can get our hands on, to attempting to track down those rare, highly rated beers we haven’t yet had, to spending an unreasonable amount of money on beer, beer related gadgets, home-brewing, and beer related travel, we really are a bit overzealous with our craft beer enthusiasm.

Yet while I am content to shoulder the burden that comes from holding up the label of pretentious when it comes to beer I dare not say that Mike, Jesse, and myself are nowhere near the level of those found in the parody video below.  Sure I’ve been called a hipster before.  Sure I’ve actually ordered a few beers named in this video.  Sure there is an uncomfortable bit of truth contained into the hyperbole.  But that doesn’t mean we are anywhere near this bad.  Are we?