Hibrewnation: Festival of Beers

big-bearHibrewnation: Festival of Beers

It feels like only yesterday that Lancaster Square was filled with two thousand happy beer drinkers reveling in a warm late summers day of good food, good people, and beer.  This idyllic slice of heaven was of course the Lancaster Craft Beerfest.  Were you there enjoying a plethora of local and regional breweries and their delicious wares?  Fans of the Blind Tiger Podcast certainly know that we attended, that we participated, we reviewed, but mostly we enjoyed.

Yet Lancaster has a sister city right across the river.  A sister city with a friendly, historic rivalry.  Anyone from Lancaster knows to have an instinctive competitive streak with regards to our brethren across the Susquehanna, those hailing from York.  While it might not be en vogue to openly regard with love the white rose they are in many ways as up and coming as Lancaster.  They have a vibrant art, music, and brewing cultures with a solid selection of amazing breweries, bars, and bottle shops within their county limits.

Now it seems that the city across the river is hosting its own craft beer fest called Hibrewnation.  The brain child between the Taste of PA wine festival and the Yorktoberfest this new craft beer festival is currently boasting “80+ regional and international craft brews alongside local current AND future brewmasters.”

The festival is on February 1st, 2014 and tickets have gone on sale.  Thankfully it seems to be indoors at the York Fairgrounds so beards can be aesthetic and not a functional requirement to staving off frostbite.  General admission cost $30 and will get you in from 2:00-5:00pm with unlimited (till the beer runs out or you cause a scene) samples of all the beers.  VIP admission costs just $10 more and gets you access to and extra two hours of drinking, beer floats, and samples of hard to find beers.  And for only $10 you can get a DD ticket which allows early entry with the VIPs, a souvenir t-shirt, root beer floats, and bottomless cups of water and home-made root beer!  Anybody with a driver’s license can be a DD so find a high schooler desperate to tag alone to get you home safely.

The site has an ongoing list of those breweries, vendors, and sponsors that will grow as that date approaches.  Don’t waste time and get in on the ground floor of this exciting opportunity.  Who doesn’t love a good local beerfest?