Growler Madness


One of the most difficult and time consuming requests when serving beer is filling a growler. Due to the large capacity of this container it takes a lot more time to fill a growler than a typical pint glass. However, one of the additional problems for bar tenders is knowing just how full a growler is. At a local venue the bar tenders actually carry a small flashlight to help them determine the volume of the growler they are filling. What’s worse is that they fill growlers directly from the tap so that any customers wanting the same type of beer are forced to wait until the growler is filled to get their beer.

This is certainly not the most ideal solution to beer enthusiasts who want to take a few beers home, fresh from the tap. Thankfully, mechanization comes to the rescue. Technology is the future and the future is now.

The video above demonstrates an automatic growler filler from Tröegs Brewing Company in Hershey, Pa. Having been to their tasting room I can attest that they have a fantastic setup for those wanting to visit the brewery. And if you want to grab a growler full of Nugget Nectar to take home all it takes is a few quick presses of a button and this wonderful machine does the rest.

It is a site to behold and I encourage more breweries, brewpubs, and other beer hot spots to consider investing in the technology. I know it is a personal annoyance to wait all day for a growler fill.