Flying Dog Wants You to Enjoy Some Crabs With Its Old Bay Beer

dead rise

I can’t say I’m overly surprised at this latest iteration from Flying Dog. Beers are being made with just about anything thrown into the boil and gimmicky though they may be, raising eyebrows may get the masses to raise their glasses. The beer market seems intent on stuffing habanero and other spicy pepper beers down peoples throats at times in hopes that one will catch on. I’ve had some that are palatable, Habanero Sculpin comes to mind, but far from craveable.

But Old Bay is a different beast. Much like the tagline for Frank’s Red Hot, some people love to put that shit (Old Bay) on everything. Flying Dog must have faith in it being more than just a hype-generator, as they are debuting it at Churchkey in our nation’s capital. One of the most serious beer bars around has some pretty serious clientele, who certainly won’t stand for a gimmick beer.

The reviewer who got an early sample seems to think so. Much like Ballast Points Habanero Sculpin variety, the flavoring is reassuringly subtle, co-mingling with the wheat ale’s citrus hop kick. The release party is tomorrow at Churchkey, where Flying Dog is have a tap takeover of sorts, but you can find it in and around the Maryland Area. I myself will be in the area later this week, If I manage to get my hands on a bottle I promise to annotate this post with a review!

Source: Washington City Paper