First Old Chub Nitro Cans Being Released for CBC

Image courtesy the Denver PostImage courtesy the Denver Post

We wrote recently of Left Hand Brewing Company’s attempt to trademark the term “Nitro” in a move to protect their Milk Stout Nitro beer from suffering from “market” confusion. While we and our readers seemed to be in agreement that gaining exclusive use of a term as vague as a beer style or carbonation method seems like too much power for a single company to have there was a glimmer of good news hidden deep within trademark ridiculousness; Left Hand was helping Oscar Blues develop a nitro version of Old Chub.

It seems my skepticism of Left Hand’s cooperating was wildly unmerited as a new press releases is announcing that Old Chub Nitro is coming in cans this week in time for the Craft Brewers Conference in Denver Colorado.

This means that attendees of the CBC and those who luckily live in the Denver beer market will get to try the first canned nitro’d beer from Oscar Blues.

The press release hints at the future plans if sales of Old Chub Nitro are strong. The release talks about Oskar Blues’ Nitro program in some detail.

Oskar Blues Brewery expanded their nitro program in 2009 under the leadership of brewer Juice Drapeau. After developing a high quality and consistent draft option, focusing on OLD CHUB, we also have nitro’d Dale’s Pale Ale, Deviant IPA & G’Knight Imperial Red IPA, along with numerous small batch specialties. Quality control guy Michael Kohn has been instrumental in refining the entire process with Juice. Currently, more than 200 OLD CHUB NITRO draft handles are out there in the 34 states of Oskar Blues distribution.

Assuming that Oskar Blues’ adoption of the Ball Corporation’s widget technology is able to create a satisfactory, quality nitro beer experience this suggests that canned versions of Dale’s Pale Ale, Deviant IPA, and G’Knight Imperial Red IPA may be coming as well.

Jeremy Rudolf explains why they started with Old Chub:

“OLD CHUB Scotch Ale is a great beer that many folks haven’t tried. The nitro style is the perfect mate for the brobdingnagian OLD CHUB SCOTCH ALE and the best way to get more CHUB in more places.” Says beer traffic control freak Jeremy Rudolf.

The nitro style allows beer lovers to go deeper into the smoky smooth mouth-feel and rich malty flavors of the Old Chub Scotch Ale. Both OLD CHUB Nitro & original OLD CHUB will remain in the market and are on tap at both Tasty Weasel Taprooms in Longmont and Brevard.

OLD CHUB NITRO will be available in 16-ounce 4-pack cans priced in line with Dale’s Pale Ale, Mama’s Little Yella Pils & Old Chub 12-ounce 6-packs.

I have long been a fan of the Oskar Blues lineup with Dale’s Pale Ale being a staple of my drinking habits. I haven’t yet been lucky enough to try any of the Oskar Blues’ nitro beers and I am extremely eager to see how they taste. My expectations are of a silky-smooth and subtly delicious beer.

I am excited about the prospects of more nitro’d beers coming to market. There are only a limited few options that fail to capture the full potential of the carbonation method. I am pleased to see these beers come to fruition and hopefully this is a welcoming sign that if Left Hand Brewing Company is granted their trademark that they will be fair-minded stewards of that incredible power rather than malicious.