Fetish Brewing Company Throwing 'All You Can Drink' Party Sunday

[![Photo via Fetish Brewing Company](http://blindtigerpodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/1924659_594934797253899_69626593_n-464x360.jpg)](https://www.facebook.com/fetishbeer)Photo via Fetish Brewing Company
Fetish Brewing Company is a Lancaster County CSA for Beer. They specialize in small-batch, handcrafted beer and are known both for their “interesting” name and their brutally hot, yet delicious, Ghost Pepper beer. While other projects are attempting to transform the concept of Community Supported Agriculture of CSA for beer Fetish has been brewing this way for a while now. Members of their CSA, or let’s be honest, CSB, get to *invest* in the company and get a share of the outputted beer. This is an interesting and effective change in business model for small batch brewers. You know that the beer you make will be “sold” to customers and they business model is the more successful the beer, the more successful the reputation, the more the CSB members, the more capital for investing in the brewery. It is a smart way to get started in the world of craft beer. The downside is that it is hard to get your beer to the masses. Distribution is going to be a problem and potential members are going to be local and not regional or national. While I would love to be a member of a Hill Farmstead or Russian River CSB (if such things existed) I don’t see a brewery like Fetish shipping beer across state lines.[[1]](#fn-1 "see footnote") I’ve been fortunate to try their Ghost Pepper beer and it was an experience. It was a hardy beer with a kick that’ll knock your socks off. Those who love heat will love this beer. But how are you going to enjoy their beer without joining the CSB? Becoming a full member requires a faith that you’ll like the beer you get and maybe you want to sample a few beers before jumping in with both feet. Well, this weekend is the solution to your woes. Fetish Brewing Company is hosting a little barn party with *all you can drink* beer for your indulgence. The party is **this** Sunday, August 24th, 2014 at Hopeland Farm north of Lititz. They are attempting to turn this into a hopefully not literal barn burner of an event on a beautiful, rustic farm. The event is from 4:00pm until 8:00pm and it comes stocked with beer, snacks, grilled food stuffs, good company, and apparently snapping turtles. Fetish has a nice Q&A for all your queries: > How many kinds of Fetish beer will we have at this farm party? *About five. Ish. * > > Is the 2014 batch of Pumpkin Fetish one of them? *Yep.* > > How much does it cost? *It’s going to cost you $25 to drink all the beer you can drink, and pick stuff off our grill, and go skinny-dipping with the snapping turtles (see below);* > > Can you bring kids? *Yep.* > > Are you going to grill stuff again? *Yep.* > > Is Jordan Capizzi going to play again? *Yep.* > > > Any chance you brewed your own ginger beer for this thing? I really like ginger beer? *In fact, we did.* > > So, it’s not the same farm as last year? Is this farm still “cool”? *It’s even cooler, we swear.* > > Any chance it has a pond with, like, a crapload of snapping turtles? *Yes.* > > I have this weird thing where I’ll only attend beer parties in farms featured in Bride Magazine. Can you work with me on this? *We sure can. * This is **great** opportunity to enjoy a fun event with local brewers and their fans and to try a bunch of great beer that is hard to get even in Lancaster County. I’m sure the brewers would love of you to join their CSB beer if you discover you love their beer but hey, even if you just want to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon on an amazing farm enjoying the last bit of summer with delicious craft beer, that’s okay too. Space is limited so I suggest you RSVP as soon as bloody possible. Because what’s better than grilling with craft beer on a calm Sunday evening in August? Nothing, that’s what. [Fetish Brewing Company’s Facebook Page](https://www.facebook.com/fetishbeer) [Fetish Brewing Company’s Tumblr Page](http://fetishbrewing.tumblr.com/)
- - - - - - 1. This isn’t even about the **difficulty** of organizing and doing so efficiently. Some states, like Pennsylvania, don’t allow the shipping of beer to its citizens so that *really* restricts shipping beer at all. [ ↩](#fnref-1 "return to article")