Favorite Beer in 2013

IMG_1125It certainly wouldn’t be the beginning of 2014 without a requisite post about a summation of the beers we had in 2013.  And while we released a samplesode dedicated to our thoughts on 2013 as a year of craft beer and what we want from 2014 I thought it would be better, perhaps more complete to really discuss the beers I’ve had in 2013.

Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I am pretty consistent about checking into untappd with each beer that I have.  At least the first time I’ve had that beer.  One of my new year resolutions is to become a bit more obsessive compulsive about checking into all the beers that I drink, whether repeats or not, to have better year-end metrics.

For those who are unaware untappd offers the ability to support the site with a minor annual donation.  They put this toward hardware and bandwidth, graphic and software design, and of course partnering with amazing breweries and their podcast.  While this is great and every user should consider aiding the site out of the spirit of community there is an advantage to being an untappd supporter; you get access to your checkin information.  Basically you can export each checkin you have ever had with a few easy clicks.

This year I did just that.  Right before Christmas I exported my data from the site to do some year-end analytics to see what I truly like and disliked over the year.  The fog of drunken memory can lead one to not remember how great or awful a beer might have been or how often I had that beer.  While statistics might be worse than “damned lies” according to Mark Twain, they can serve a good purpose in this instance.  These were the results of my investigation.

The beers of 2013
1Hop Notch IPA105.000000
2Sculpin IPA105.000000
3Nugget Nectar85.000000
4Hopsecutioner IPA75.000000
5Burton Baton (2012)35.000000
6Double Dose IPA35.000000
7Dark Starr Stout25.000000
8Ruthless Rye IPA (2012)25.000000
9Roasted Red15.000000
10Raven Black IPA15.000000
11Sobrehumano Palena ‘ole15.000000
12Sour In The Rye (2013)15.000000
13De Brouwers Brussels White (Blanche)15.000000
14Cockeyed Cooper Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine Ale15.000000
15Christmas Ale (2012)15.000000
16Coulter IPA15.000000
17Crooked Tree IPA15.000000
18Dad's Little Helper Black IPA15.000000
19Dry Hopped St. Rogue Red Ale15.000000
20Estate Homegrown Ale15.000000
21Firehouse Blonde15.000000
22Fresh Frog Raw Hop Imperial Pale Ale15.000000
23Gaffel Kölsch15.000000
24Bourbon County Brand Stout15.000000
25Aventinus Eisbock15.000000
26Hopmouth Double IPA15.000000
27Hoppy Feet15.000000
28Hop Warrior Imperial IPA15.000000
30Hopslam Ale15.000000
31Heady Topper15.000000
32Lot No. 3 IPA15.000000
33Summer Love84.500000
34Racer 5 IPA®54.500000
35Rotator IPA: Falconer’s IPA34.500000
36West Coast IPA34.500000
37Burning River Pale Ale34.500000
39Dubhe Imperial Black IPA34.500000
40Duchesse de Bourgogne34.500000
41Dulachan IPA24.500000
42Jumpin' Juniper Cream Ale24.500000
43Mystic Bridge IPA24.500000
44Gangster Frog I.P.A.24.500000
45Geuze Mariage Parfait (2009)24.500000
46Wookey Jack24.500000
47Rhye IPA24.500000
48Rhizing Bines14.500000
49Robot Bastard!14.500000
How did I come to get these values?  Well it clearly isn’t the most accurate or fair way of looking at the beers.  There is no way that I think Surly’s Furious is below Victory’s Summer Love of the Sierra Nevada’s Ruthless Rye is above the Alchemist’s Heady Topper.  But the result was as fair as I could make it.  Essentially I averaged the ratings over the number of checkins to a particular beer and then ordered by rating first and then the number of checkins.

This of course unfairly makes the beers that I drank more often due to access to the beer rank higher than those rare beers I was able only to drink once.  It also meant that if I was too lazy to check into a beer more than once that it will be unfairly kicked toward the bottom of the list.  But this is why I want to check into everything I drink in 2014.

What I find interesting is how my tastes have changed even within a year.  I would reevaluate many of these beers as having very different ratings having tasted a wider variety of beer.  Having been exposed to some truly remarkable beers and expanding both my ability to quantify, critique, and knowledge of what I like a lot of these ratings would be wildly different.  Which makes 2014 an ever better experiment.

How many of this list have you had?  How many would you object to being in my top 50?  What you recommend I have to try in 2014?  Let me know in the comments below.