Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of ongoing questions that we get asked frequently and an attempt to answer with coherency, completeness, and a bit of wit.  If you have a question please feel free to submit it to show@blindtigerpodcast.com.  We will answer it but if it comes up often enough it may just make it to this list?

When are episodes released?

New episodes are released every Thursday.  Episodes alternate every week between full length and shorter more targeted episodes called samplesodes.  Each has their own numbering systems so listeners can find what they are looking for easier.  Look for new episodes every Thursday generally before noon.

Why did you start the podcast?

Mike, Jesse, and Rob have a passion for craft beer.  They were discussing the difficulty that there can be when it comes to craft beer.  If you are not indoctrinated within the cult of craft beer there is an overwhelming amount of styles, breweries, and beers for a novice to comprehend let alone select what works for them.  They decided that what the craft beer podcasting world needed was a podcast designed to help the novice or early experienced craft drinker find their way through a staggeringly rich depth and breathe of craft beer and brewing.

What sets you apart from other podcasts?

Mike, Jesse, and Rob would like to imagine it is their impressive good looks, undeniable charm, and razor sharp wit.  The more likely answer is their segments, tone, and focus.  Each full episode features the segment “Beer vs Beer” where Mike and Rob select a craft beer by style, brewery, or other theme and attempt to pit them in single combat for Jesse’s favor.  Jesse, being a virginal craft beer drinker is the final arbiter of what is delicious.  With a person new to the world of craft beer the listener can grow with Jesse as his horizon’s are expanded and his knowledge of the world of beer is being increased.

What segments do you have?

  • Beer News
  • Beers From Around the World
  • Slummin’ It
  • Homebrew 101
  • Joy of Beer Cooking
  • Beer vs Beer
  • Beer vs Wine
  • Rare Beer Snob Selection
  • Government Shutdown Beerpocalyse

Why the Blind Tiger Podcast?

Blind Tiger is now a rather antiquated term for a speakeasy.  While speakeasy is the more universally known term there were many regional slang words or phrases used to describe a place to buy and consume alcohol during prohibition.  One of the terms for the region that included Lancaster, Pennsylvania was “blind tiger” or “blind pig”.  Mike, Jesse, and Rob were enamored with the image of a blind tiger, liked the name and the association, and the eye patch wearing mascot was born.