6ca516003909398c936bcb437fd7e0df_640x640This is the seventh episode of the Blind Tiger Podcast, recorded on July 16th, 2013.  In this episode Mike and I sarcastically honor the brutally hot “dog days” of summer.  We selected a beer with the word dog in the name of the beer or brewery for the canine themed episode.

This episode we try out a new fun intro question to get our panel chatting.  The question posed was; “If you were the owner of a dog themed brewery what would be your flagship beer and what’s the origin of its name?”

We also discuss a recent article spelling the “apparent” down swing in the craft brewing industry in Point/Counterpoint.  Mike continues to prove that his opinion of the golden age of television was the 1990s not these modern times.

And Mike gives us all a quick summation of beer styles and what differentiates them in “Homebrew 101″

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Show Notes:

Beer News:

  • Annual Hops & Clocks local craft beer festival review.
  • St. Boniface Grand Opening on Saturday July 13th, 2013.  Wooo!
  • Lancaster County is a leader in Microbrewing.
  • Lagunitas has trademark dispute with Sweetwater brewing.
  • “Breaking Bad” gets its own show themed beer.
  • 2013 US Open Beer Championship results.

Point / Counterpoint:

Yet another week, yet another article about the supposed saturation of the craft beer market. Despite only reaching about 10 percent of the beer market and not yet equaling countries like Germany in breweries (or volume) per capita, Time magazine has released an article espousing the fact that there are a hell of lot of breweries in this country (at least, since a generation or two) and there are a lot on the way. This week I learned of a new brewery opening up in our county that already boasts the most breweries in any county in Pennsylvania. Vermont, the state with the most breweries per capita, saw a drop in beer production last year. Is the sky falling? Have we reached critical mass? Rob, Jesse, and I debate this topic in Point/Counterpoint.

Beer vs Beer:

Rob’s Choice: Sea Dog, Blue Paw Blueberry Wheat Ale

Mike’s Choice: Dogfish Head, Palo Santo Marron

Homebrew 101:

Tippzygrl89 writes in: Whenever I go to the bar, I see lots of different kinds of beer; stouts, ipas, ales, heffeweizens, lagers, the list goes on. What are the differences between these kinds of beers and why are there so many of them?

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