Episode 58: Foot Long Weiners

Hello and welcome to the 58th episode of the Blind Tiger Podcast recorded on July 15th, 2015. In this Mike, Jesse, Emily, and myself gathered on Jesse's sizable back deck to enjoy soak in the extreme heat of summer. We were lucky enough that Jesse and his extremely generous girlfriend Meg recently returned from a New England trip and were willing to share the amazing beers that they managed to secure and bring home for us to enjoy.

Not to be outdone with generous gift Mike put together a delicious beer brined chilli dog that somehow managed to beat the heat despite it being 110 degrees outside. (Well not quite but almost.) And boy were they delicious.

This week we celebrate the hot dog but before we bow before the frankfurter our opening question this week is: on your way to the bar for a well deserved beer, you get stuck on Manor street by a parking Kunzler tractor-trailer. It takes it’s sweet time as it slowly backs across the narrow road and your car instantly fills with the smoky odors of delicious meats being rendered somewhere in the bowels of the plant. What would you drink to assuage your frustration with the smell of hot dogs still fresh in your mind?

Show Notes

Beer News

Beers From Around the World

Recently Jesse and Meg took a drinking tour of the New England area. While the purpose of their visit may not have been explicitly to hunt down and drink a number of world class beers that the “deep North” has to offer they certainly did their fair share of exploration of beer destinations. They were far, far too kind to bring back a number of delicious items to share with our sizable panel today. And while we enjoy a beer or four from their travels we can discuss what they saw, what they drank, and what they thought. Advice for the traveling beer drinking is always a good thing.

The Beers:

  • Hill Farmstead Brewery & Brasseries De Blaugies - La Vermontoise
  • Maine Beer Company - Zoe Amber Ale
  • Zero Gravity - Green State Lager
  • Ballast Point - Indra Kunindra

The Joy of Beer Cooking

Beer Brined Chili Dogs

Beer, Chili, and Hotdogs, or what I call a winning trifecta can be intertwined for a warm summer treat. Grab your beer, Hotdogs, a little bit of brown sugar and let stew for a 2-3 hours on low in a slow cooker. Warm up some chili, toast your buns and top with cheddar cheese and sweet onions.

source: The Bashionista

Beer vs Beer: Summer Saison Edition

Summer is here and everyone wants to beat the heat and while temperatures in the 90s doesn’t dissuade me from downing Imperial IPAs or Stouts there is something delightful about saisons in the warmer months. There is usually a barnyard flavor that makes you think of cooler harvest weather while at the same time often citrus flavors that remind you of the light fruit drinks of summer. And they also happen to pair well with hot dogs. So Mike and I sat down to bring a good saison to the table.

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